Purple Music (Suffolk) LLP

We have formed a new project team to bring Stuart Stevens' recent commission from the estate of Shelagh Delaney before an audience. We are delighted to say that Rebekah Daven Watson of The Actor's Cafe will be joining us alongside Dan Watson's ensemble Thumb. A show has been conceived that will encompass music and storytelling, and we plan to involve local drama groups in the production. Charlotte, Delaney has suggested the overall theme of "Close To Home" and we are in the process of looking for theatre partners in regions connected with Shelagh Delaney. We also plan to issue an Open Call for scores from emerging composers, to be included alongside Stevens' oratorio.


We are pleased to welcome our new partner Jane Chambers (left) to the team, as well as our two new associates - composer Rachel Victoria Smith (centre) and actor Rebekah Daven Watson. They each bring something fresh and exciting to the work of the Purple Moments co-operative.

Jane has been a staunch supporter of Purple Music since our first major project in 2009. Following her retirement fom local politics, she is now bringing us the benefit of all her community experience and vast networks.

Rachel first met Stuart at Birmingham Conservatoire, and now joins us an associate - and is the second "composer-entrepreneur" in the team.




Our associate and good friend Jerry Crosson of The Fret Workshop in Felixstowe has spent hundreds of hours perfecting two amazing new instruments. The projects form part of an ongoing mission, alongside composer Stuart Stevens, to introduce people to the wonderful soundworld of 31pitches in each octave.


Shelagh DelaneyWe are excited to announce that composer Stuart Stevens has been given permission by the estate of the late Shelagh Delaney (1938 - 2011) - one of English literature's most important and relevant 20th Century writers - to base a new oratorio on the short story entitled "All About And To A Female Artist" (1964).

Shelagh Delaney assembled this prose piece from the mountains of negative, cynical, begging, sometimes threatening, often funny letters and harsh reviews (mostly critical of her gender) that she was bombarded with at just 19 years old following the enormous success of her debut play "A Taste Of Honey".


Mannings Amusements And even bigger and better than we could have imagined, because we are pleased to announce that we have moved into a new base and venue in none other than the iconic, twin-towered Mannings Family Amusements on the seafront in Felixstowe, Suffolk. (pictured left), and will be open for operations (including music in Busker's Corner) THIS SUNDAY 28th JULY.

The Mannings family acquired the fairground from Billy Butlin in 1945, and they will soon be celebrating their 70th anniversary.


Soprano Ruth Hopkins

Last night's expertly delivered concert by Thumb was the breath-taking finale to a 6 month journey which has seen nothing but triumphs. The first one for us was partly financing the event through our first attempt at online "crowd-source" funding.