Purple Music (Suffolk) LLP

Mannings Amusements And even bigger and better than we could have imagined, because we are pleased to announce that we have moved into a new base and venue in none other than the iconic, twin-towered Mannings Family Amusements on the seafront in Felixstowe, Suffolk. (pictured left), and will be open for operations (including music in Busker's Corner) THIS SUNDAY 28th JULY.

The Mannings family acquired the fairground from Billy Butlin in 1945, and they will soon be celebrating their 70th anniversary.

Mannings is renowned for its Sunday market, in the area that used to be the big-dipper. We are moving into one of the units, down in Buskers Corner next to our friends Jerrry and Phil with their superb guitar shop (Jerry Crosson is the one who has re-fretted guitars for other projects - see here). We will be working closely with them on future events and concerts.

There will be two stages in Buskers Corner built in front of the units: a small Open Mic stage and a bigger Main Stage. These will be our main performance locations for Saturday & Sunday Markets. In addition, we have access to the Deck Cafe by the entrance to the Market area and, most exciting of all, we are able to use the vast market canopy/arena for concerts too. The space will easily accomodate 600 people seated and a large stage!

We will be providing lots of music events week by week under our Felixstowe Buskers and Purple Moments trademarks, many of them free - our focus, as ever, is on fresh, stimulating new writing and exciting, accessible performers - in asscociation with Mannings. This is a wonderful opportunity for us, our collaborators, all our associates, and the many gifted musicians in our extended network.

Felixstowe Buskers - a continuous, free Summer festival of music on the seafront you can go back to every Sunday...