Purple Music (Suffolk) LLP


We are pleased to welcome our new partner Jane Chambers (left) to the team, as well as our two new associates - composer Rachel Victoria Smith (centre) and actor Rebekah Daven Watson. They each bring something fresh and exciting to the work of the Purple Moments co-operative.

Jane has been a staunch supporter of Purple Music since our first major project in 2009. Following her retirement fom local politics, she is now bringing us the benefit of all her community experience and vast networks.

Rachel first met Stuart at Birmingham Conservatoire, and now joins us an associate - and is the second "composer-entrepreneur" in the team.

She is a contemporary flautist, composer with classical and rock roots, and soon to be announcing an exciting, big project in association with us and quite a few other artists.

Rebekah comes on board with our "Close To Home Tour" project - she will direct, perform and lead the drama groups in our proposed show centred on the work of Shelagh Delaney.

Welcome to all of you, we are privelidged to have you on board.