Purple Music (Suffolk) LLP

Gamelan Parade

Gathering at University Campus Suffolk, members of the public were invited by our team to construct and decorate a set of small hand-held chimes on a wooden base before taking part in a parade along Ipswich Waterfront as part of Ip-Art 2010.

The metal chimes had previously been cut to the correct lengths by students at NACRO under supervision in their engineering department. The wooden bases had also been made and painted by the woodworking section at NACRO. Each chime was numbered and colour coded in order for players to follow a score on a piano roll as they processed behind it along the Waterfront. The procession stopped briefly at Isaacs bar to play before hundreds of people. The giant piano roll score, which measured several feet then led the players along the Waterfront from University Campus Suffolk to St Peter's by the Waterfront Church.


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